Tuesday, June 23, 2009

He's a teenager now

Joseph just turned 13 years old on Sunday. This year his birthday happen to fall on Father's Day. I tried not to let either of them get slighted but it happens. We headed to Disney for a quick shopping trip to spend his birthday fun card. Since we already have passes we opted for the spending money instead of free admission. This is where dad got slighted because he doesn't have a pass so he waited outside in Downtown Disney for about 2 hours. Then it was to Nana and Papas house to spend the rest of the day by the pool. Joseph wanted to go out to dinner but it was dad's day also so we stayed and spent time with family. I did tell him that he can have his birthday dinner later this week. I will take him to the restaurant he had picked.
But I am still in shock that he is a teenager now. Where did the time go?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The end of elementary

My baby had his promotion ceremony this morning and tomorrow is his last day in elementary school. His last day is also my last day because he is my baby. Where has the time gone? I am thankful that we had the ability of me being able to stay home and be an active part of his school years. Even though I did step back this last year the teacher always knew she could call if I was needed. Some days it felt like I was at the school as much as the kids between yearbook, room mom, field trips or just fun days. I was just saying today how nice it always was to walk into the office and have the secretary say "Hello Mrs Raskin do you need me to call for Hunter".
Thank you to the wonderful teachers and staff for being so wonderful to my kids. I know that many of you have made a huge impact on my boys and I will forever be grateful.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My loves

It wasn't until after I had Joseph that I really started taking pictures. And when I see the kids sit down and look through all the scrapbooks I have put together I know that all the pictures are worth it. To hear them say I remember when this happened and see the smiles makes me want to keep going.
I can honestly say that being a mother is what I was meant to do. You never really know and understand unconditional love until they place your tiny bundle in your arms for the first time. I don't think anyone else has the ability to keep me sane while at the same time drive me insane all in the same day and sometimes the same hour.
My first born Ashley came along a little early in my life but she has been a blessing to me. Yes I was a teen mom and those years were some of the hardest years I went through but without them I wouldn't be who I am today. Today she is a beautiful young women and I still worry about her. I don't think that ever goes away just because they are out on their own. Now I just hope that all the lessons I tried to teach her are still there. She is my wild child who is enjoying her freedom, a little more then I would like but I have to let her be. Believe me when I do see her she still gets lectured about what I have seen or read on her myspace page and she actually acts like she is listening. At some point as a parent you have to realize that all you dreamed for your child as they were growing up aren't the same as what they want.
My boys now they are a completely different story. Joseph is a mini Daren in so many ways that at times it is funny and other times a little freaky. It broke my heart the first time he didn't want to hug me in public because he didn't want his friends to see so we don't embarrass him, now have a cool handshake. But then at home he is the biggest cuddle bug ever and still wants me to tuck him in at night. He has a smile that will light up your heart and I am not looking forward to the day when he has his first broken heart.
Hunter now is going to be the one that will push the limits as much as he can. I am preparing myself for him now. He has such a temper that I can see him being the one who will be the one sent home from school for fighting. And this one is stubborn and has a one track mind. When he decides he wants something you don't hear about anything else and it doesn't help that his brother helps fuel the fire.
I love you guys!!!!!!


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