Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We are off

Well we are almost off. I am so tired of packing but so excited to finally be leaving for vacation. Today was mostly running around taking care of stuff. Had to get my oil changed since Daren's mom is driving us to LAX in our van (which is where I was when the earthquake hit) and just confirm with the car company that is driving us home. Make sure I had everyones passports and thankfully none disappeared on me. Did several loads of laundry and still doing more. Making sure all cameras, Ipods, PSP's and DVD players are charged and ready to go. I will see you all in about a week with tons of pictures to share

Huntington Beach

Yes we went to the beach again. We are on a roll especially with us planning on hanging out on the beach for most of our vacation. We ended up going with my moms group and the kids had a blast. It is always nice being around little ones and knowing that I am so done with that stage but I had fun with my friend Priscilla's little guy in the water. He was loving when I would swing him over a wave and what was nice is I could had him right back to mommy when I was done. Thanks Priscilla for letting me borrow Vincent for a while.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Movie Weekend

Two movies in one weekend is a lot for us to see. I thought you might like my reviews on what we saw
Dark Knight run don't walk to the theater. This was by far the best Batman ever and I will even say the best comic book movie. OMG Heath Ledger was fantastic. His death is truly a loss because what he did in this movie puts him right up there with some of the great actors and he totally deserves a academy nomination. I will pay to see this movie again
The X-files is a wait for it to come out on DVD. Being that we loved the X-files we were looking forward to seeing this movie. I think they should have just left it alone. It wasn't that the movie was awful or anything, they should have just done a 2 hour TV special and saved me money.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Design Team

I have been invited to join the Design Team at Scrappin Lounge as a instructor and display designer. I am so excited I love this store and the ladies there as so great. I will be keeping you informed so you can be sure to sign up for my classes or just stop by and do some shopping.
Here are a few of the things I put together as my audition pieces I guess you can call them

Woman's event

Hello ladies! Just a reminder for a great ladies night this Wednesday, July 23.

Where: Wine Styles, Rancho Cucamonga 8200 Haven Ave., STE. 103, Rancho Cuamonga, CA 91730
When: Wednesday, July 23 6-9p.m.
Who: Just the ladies!!
Why: Why not!?!? :)

The cost is $15 and can be purchased at the door. This includes wine, food, 2 raffle tickets, live music, shopping, networking and fun! Additional raffle tickets can be purchased for $2 each. We have 5 amazing vendors set up for you! Come and check it out! Come for a few minutes or stay all night!

I will be there promoting MonaVie and the other vendors will have some neat stuff to check out also

Friday, July 18, 2008

Newport Beach

We had been promising the kids a trip to the beach for weeks. We finally went. But of coarse Murphy's Law the weather was yucky. It was cloudy and cold. I think I sat on my chair with a towel over me most of the day, but it didn't seem to bother the kids they went right in the water. They had goose bumps when they got out but then they went right back in after warming up.

Hunter had bought a Skim Board right before summer started and everyone had fun on it. It was so funny watching them fall all over the place. No I didn't attempt though. There was no way I was getting in the water any deeper then my feet so I wasn't taking a chance to end up falling on my face. I don't know which would have been worse hitting my face in the sand or feeling the cold water. Maybe another day when the sun is out.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tammyi bag

My friend Tammy and also owner of Tammyi asked me to alter one of her bags for her. She wanted to show how easy it would be to personalize your own Tammyi bag. After trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do my own Coach patchwork bag gave me my inspiration.

Here is what my bag looked like before I started to work on it

Here is how it looked after. I love it. The paper I used comes from Sasafras. It is the Life is beautiful "Felicity" collection. I cut the paper into strips and mod podged it to the case. It is totally me

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Griffith Observatory

We had been wanting to take the boys up to Griffith Park ever since it reopened and we finally did it. The boys weren’t really excited to start as Hunter said “I don’t want to go learn science today” But once we got there they got into it. I was really surprised at some of the knowledge they already had about some of the things. They loved seeing what they would weigh on each planet and seeing the huge telescope. This is such a great age to go to these places with the boys because they are starting to learn about it in school. After we were done I wanted to take them on the merry-go-round but it was closed. It is fun on the drive up to see some of the houses. I saw a few open house and was so tempted to tell Daren to pull over so I can look. We even found ourselves on Commonwealth and I was thinking hey I want to drive it and see a Jeff Lewis home (from Bravo’s Flipping Out). Yeah that may have been my moment of reality star stalking LOL.

New Home

I'm gonna try out a new home for awhile. Bear with me during this transition because I am new here and everything is so different from where I came from. All you already familiar with blogger I may be calling you for help from time to time because it has taken me forever just to get to this point. What brought me here? My old home is almost expired so before I renewed I wanted to give another site a chance to wow me. We shall see in the next couple weeks if it is successful.


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