Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We are off

Well we are almost off. I am so tired of packing but so excited to finally be leaving for vacation. Today was mostly running around taking care of stuff. Had to get my oil changed since Daren's mom is driving us to LAX in our van (which is where I was when the earthquake hit) and just confirm with the car company that is driving us home. Make sure I had everyones passports and thankfully none disappeared on me. Did several loads of laundry and still doing more. Making sure all cameras, Ipods, PSP's and DVD players are charged and ready to go. I will see you all in about a week with tons of pictures to share


Anonymous said...

Where are you guys going on your vacation?

Olivia Hernandez said...

We'll miss you girl! Be safe! Pris they're going to Mexico!

tammy inman said...

I hope your having a great time on your trip...see you soon!


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