Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tammyi bag

My friend Tammy and also owner of Tammyi asked me to alter one of her bags for her. She wanted to show how easy it would be to personalize your own Tammyi bag. After trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do my own Coach patchwork bag gave me my inspiration.

Here is what my bag looked like before I started to work on it

Here is how it looked after. I love it. The paper I used comes from Sasafras. It is the Life is beautiful "Felicity" collection. I cut the paper into strips and mod podged it to the case. It is totally me


tammy inman said...

O' My Gosh!!! I'm in LOVE with your case, It looks so goood!!! It turned out awesome!!!!!! I love it better than mine.

Olivia said...

It looks great girl! You really need to have your skills start making you some moolah!!

Lisa D. said...

I agree with Olivia you need to sell some of your creativity!! It looks GREAT!!


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