Friday, January 29, 2010

In search of a new friend

Most of you know that I love my flat iron almost  as much as a fourth child.  A little extreme, yes I will admit it.  But seriously all you girls with any kinda wave in your hair can probably relate.  I know this because I have sat with some of you and chatted about this very subject.  Well I broke mine the other day,  actually it was tossed in a moment of frustration.  I kinda shocked myself at that move also.  So now I am n the market for a new chi.  Should I go a little crazy and get a pink one or  shall I stick with the exact model of my last one.  I am gonna have to think about this one

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Day

With all the rain we had last week I knew the snow in the mountains would be perfect for some sledding. It was just a matter of picking a day to go. Every time we had gone on the weekend it is packed with everyone and their cousins. Why now go after school one day. What a brillant idea that was. The closest mountain is Mt. Baldy which is a half hour drive. This my friends is one of the great benefits of So. Cal living. The good sledding hills were almost empty, and these are the same hills that on any weekend has so many people that collision are bound to happen.

After a little over an hour sledding the boys were wet and tired so we packed it up and were down the hill before it was dark. How perfect was that. We now know the secret to uncrowded hills and plan on more of these fun days in the future.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CHA 2010

I love walking the floor of CHA. Being one of the first to get to see all the new goodies that are coming out. But I still miss walking the floor as a store owner. Trying to decide on what to order and how much to order. But for now I just walked it making mental notes of what to look for in support of the small local scrapbook stores. Some of my favorites were Jenni Bowlin, but then she has always been a favorite. And loved seeing what goodies 7 gypsies, Making Memories, Cosmo Cricket, My Mind's Eye, everyone, I loved it all.

Teresa Collins is actually becoming another one that I am loving also. I have a feeling that those super cute pink frames will be mine next time I visit Ikea. I shall paint them...... well you will just have to wait and seeAnd you can't help but adore the new Dear Lizzy Line from American Craft. I want the pink beach cruiser that they had in the booth.
And something else that I love about CHA are all the cute bags they giveaway. I will be sporting these babies next time I am shopping.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family Cruise

When the family says it's time for another reunion all we have to say is when and where. Another cruise to the Caribbean is where they tell us. The perfect spot for families from Boston, Florida and So Cal to gather all in one place.
Let me tell you I love seeing my husbands family. They are huge and loud and oh so very loving. It is always a little overwhelming at first for me since I come from such a small family.
I really wish that we all weren't all the way across the Country because they are all so much fun and I would love for my kids to know their cousins more.



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