Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Day

With all the rain we had last week I knew the snow in the mountains would be perfect for some sledding. It was just a matter of picking a day to go. Every time we had gone on the weekend it is packed with everyone and their cousins. Why now go after school one day. What a brillant idea that was. The closest mountain is Mt. Baldy which is a half hour drive. This my friends is one of the great benefits of So. Cal living. The good sledding hills were almost empty, and these are the same hills that on any weekend has so many people that collision are bound to happen.

After a little over an hour sledding the boys were wet and tired so we packed it up and were down the hill before it was dark. How perfect was that. We now know the secret to uncrowded hills and plan on more of these fun days in the future.

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