Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Griffith Observatory

We had been wanting to take the boys up to Griffith Park ever since it reopened and we finally did it. The boys weren’t really excited to start as Hunter said “I don’t want to go learn science today” But once we got there they got into it. I was really surprised at some of the knowledge they already had about some of the things. They loved seeing what they would weigh on each planet and seeing the huge telescope. This is such a great age to go to these places with the boys because they are starting to learn about it in school. After we were done I wanted to take them on the merry-go-round but it was closed. It is fun on the drive up to see some of the houses. I saw a few open house and was so tempted to tell Daren to pull over so I can look. We even found ourselves on Commonwealth and I was thinking hey I want to drive it and see a Jeff Lewis home (from Bravo’s Flipping Out). Yeah that may have been my moment of reality star stalking LOL.

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tina said...

Michelle!!! I would have so drived by Jeff's house!!! OMG!!


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