Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A little slice of heaven

We have landed safely back on American ground. As much as I love going away I love coming home just as much. I was very pleased with how everything went though. Going through customs with kids in tow can sometimes be a bit exhausting like when the drug dog started sniffing Hunter's backpack, it turned out he was just sniffing beef jerky but thoughts do go through you mind like maybe someone put something in their without us knowing.
Here is the view from our home away from home. Who couldn't fall in love with waking up each morning to this.

Or how about swimming in the ocean at sunset. Yes that is Daren and the kids out there. The water was so warm sometimes I would find myself saying it feels a bit to warm.

Here's our Condo from the ocean.
And here is a quick look at the inside. I really do love having our timeshare and being able to stay in two bedroom units with kitchens when you are traveling with kids. This place was bigger than our first apartment.
Our first day we went walking through the old town Mazatlan. You feel like you are in a whole different world. The buildings look like they just used whatever they could find and most shops and restaurants are just opened in any small little spot. Driving in Mazatlan is a whole experience in itself. I swear I have cut off years on my life. You have cars coming from every which way and no one thinks twice about turning right in front of you. I kept pushing my imaginary break.
Here are just a few pictures from around the old town.

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Olivia Hernandez said...

Michelle the pics look beautiful!! I am so glad you guys had such a nice trip! Love the hennas! And love Ashley's hair!!


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