Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Second Day of school

Ha-Ha here are the boys on their second day of school. They are still wearing new clothes so it will work. Joseph is learning that he needs to pay attention to what he is buying because when he went to put his outfit together he found out that he has lots of plaid shorts and tons of striped shirts. Yeah they don't go together, good thing we also bought lots of T-shirts. Hunter could care less he has come down with some crazy outfits and I'm like you are so not walking out like that.

I have been busy painting and moving rooms this last week and thought I would give you a peek at how Joseph's room came out. Even though the paint was such a huge pain I love how it ended up looking. When you see it live you can see that some areas you can actually see some sand. Really cool. I really didn't want to put up posters but Joseph said they will give his room just what it needs, so up with the dirt bike posters. Next room is my scrap room. I'm excited to get started on that one.


Anonymous said...

Yay for 2nd day of school & painting projects! :)

P.S. Haven't forgotten that you asked about my siggy... I'm looking for the website for you... and it's free! :)

tina k. said...

I love the new trend second day of schol!! The first day is so overrated!!!


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