Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Henna Tattoos and Searching for Mussels

We took a tour and ended up on Stone Island. It had just rained the night beore so the water wasn't great for snorkeling so instead we did some boogie boarding and rode the banana boat. It was so much fun on the boogie boards I don't remember the last time I did that. And the banana boat was crazy. I was bouncing around and laughing so hard my stomach hurt. And we also learned a lesson on the banana, don't fall off because the driver doesn't understand English and when he hears you yelling to stop he has no clue what you are saying. Ashley feel off and he kept going luckily we went to far from shore and she was able to swim back.

The crew got talked into getting some Henna Tattoos. Yeah even Daren got one. I thought he looked kinda sexy with it.

On another walk we discovered mussels close to shore. The kids had fun trying to pick them up. They ended up with a pretty good amount and we brought them back and boiled them and ate them. I don't do seafood so I skipped this one but everyone loved them. It's not everyday they get to pluck something besides fish from the ocean and eat them.

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