Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day Success

It was the first day of school here in the Raskin house. The day went off without a hitch.
Hunter started 5th grade with Mrs. Newman who was also Joseph's 5th grade teacher. He was not happy about that one, he had his heart set on Mr T. and thought the teacher he got was mean. I told him that he was already a step ahead of the rest of his class because she knew him. She really isn't mean she just doesn't put up with any crap. I was her room mom with Joseph and told Hunter I would put my name in for him this year. When he came home today he said she wasn't that bad.
Joseph started 7th grade. He says he is no longer a scab but has moved up to toilet cleaner. Yeah the labels they put on these kids is funny. He seems to like his teachers and has set the goal for making principals honor roll all three semesters this year instead of only two like last. I told him as long as he does his best but he said he wants to go on the trip at the end of the year. Once he sets his mind to something he will try his hardest to succeed.
Ashley starts her first day tomorrow. I'm still in shock to have a daughter going to Jr. College. Where did the time go. I know that she has the ability to do do really well as long as she sets her mind to it. She had spent the weekend with us and today with the boys off to school I took her to breakfast.
Can you believe that I didn't take any pictures today. What the heck was I thinking, so tomorrow I will post the second day of school pictures and we will just pretend I took them today.

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