Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We took our last trip of the summer before the kids have to go back to school. Daren's mom & Gil were spending a week in Yosemite so we decided to join them. We left a day early and stayed the night in their unit and the next day checked into our own. We were able to spend 2 full days down in the valley. We had not been to Yosemite since we had narrowly missed being flooded in last time. The day we had left as we were driving home we heard that it had flooded and people were helicoptered out. Anyways this year because it was so late in the summer instead of to much water a lot of the water was gone. Mirror lake was but a pond and Yosemite falls was not flowing but it was still a beautiful visit. We were able to take the hike to the top of Vernal Falls which was flowing. If you are scared of heights I wouldn't recommend this trail. It felt like we kept walking uphill and weren't getting any closer then we hit the stone steps. that seemed to never end. I think the sign had said .03 miles of pure stairs ups. Yeah it doesn't seem bad until you start walking them. But we reached the top and those stairs were worth it. What a view. The kids played in the water even though they really weren't suppose to and it was freezing cold water. On the way down was easier but at one point my legs were like jello and started to shake. That was scary especially when you have nothing but steps in front of you. We made it safely down and next time we are hoping to make a farther hike. I want to make it to half dome which I think was about a 7 mile hike one way.

These are the falls we hiked up to. It was so cool to hear the water hitting the rocks

A nature made water slide. These rocks were really slippery
One of the giant sequoia trees.

These are only a portion of the steps we had to walk up to get to the top. They seemed to keep going and going


tammy inman said...

Your vacation looked like so much FUN. We really need to take our boys and go to yosemite for a vacation.
Cute family pictures!

pj said...

those are great pics of you and your family. i can't wait until the kids are big enough to do stuff like that. if we took them now, i would still be carrying one or two of them!

Cherish said...

The pictures look amazing! I haven't been to Yosemite since I was a kid!


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