Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The end of elementary

My baby had his promotion ceremony this morning and tomorrow is his last day in elementary school. His last day is also my last day because he is my baby. Where has the time gone? I am thankful that we had the ability of me being able to stay home and be an active part of his school years. Even though I did step back this last year the teacher always knew she could call if I was needed. Some days it felt like I was at the school as much as the kids between yearbook, room mom, field trips or just fun days. I was just saying today how nice it always was to walk into the office and have the secretary say "Hello Mrs Raskin do you need me to call for Hunter".
Thank you to the wonderful teachers and staff for being so wonderful to my kids. I know that many of you have made a huge impact on my boys and I will forever be grateful.

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Riley and family said...

Aww Michele he looks so darn adorable all dressed up! I guess when they say it goes by fast they really mean it! Congrats and on to middle school:)


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