Sunday, October 5, 2008

A day of screams

I think my favorite part of Halloween is the terror. Yeah I like the pumpkins and all but I love to be scared. Where do we go to get scared here. This year it was to Magic Mountain's Fright Fest. This is the first year that we thought the boys would be big enough to be able to handle it. So off we went in the morning with Hunter's friend David in tow. I hadn't been since I took Ashley and her 3 friends about 6 or 7 years ago and that was an experience with 4 jr high girls screaming in my ear and holding me so tight I couldn't walk. We were hoping that the rain wouldn't get to bad and the weather was on our side so it was on to the coasters until the sun went down and the monsters came out.
Right before dark we decided that we would get the boys ready and went through our first maze. I had bet them all 5 bucks that they couldn't get through without holding on to us. Well we should have said at a normal speed because they power walked so fast that the monsters had no time to scare them. They won that round. The sun was down now though and the mazes were now really ready for us so we climbed up to the really good maze and I took Joseph's hand and Daren took Hunter and David's and we lead them slowly through the next one. Joseph was in a panic about 2 minutes into it and was saying I changed my mind I don't want to go anymore. He finally over came the fear about halfway through and was enjoying himself. But he said the next one has to be a lower level scare so we went to the fun house. Clowns are always freaky and these were no different the boys were screaming so loud but I knew they were fine when as soon as we walked out they got right back in line to go through again. And if I remember right this is a similar maze that when I took Ashley and her friends we all ended up on the ground. The girls were holding me so tight that when one fell we all did and they came out in tears.
This has really gotten me in the spirit that I am ready for some more. I really want to try out Universal Studios soon. Joseph said he needs about a year to man up for that one.

The boys loved all the people walking around and trying to scare them

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ashley said...

The boys look like they had the best time :] biggest smiles on there facess. Im bummed I couldn't go :[ STupiddd WORKK!. ha. and they STILL have that clown maze?! if i ever go back i am definetly NOTT going in there. ha


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