Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We went searching today for our pumpkin. The boys each picked one of their own to carve. It is kinda nice because they are old enough to tackle this solo now so that means no pumpkin guts for me this year.
They really were not willing participates in any of my picture taking though. First I don't think they were to happy that I made them change clothes before we even left the house. Don't they realize that they will treasure this pictures when they are older. I wish my mom had half the pictures of my childhood that I have from one of their years. It was like pulling teeth just to get a half decent smile from them, you would think that they could humor me.

We didn't end up buying any pumpkins from this patch because I really didn't feel like spending $20 for just one so we headed to a store a bought 2 pumpkins and still paid half of what the patch was selling one for.

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