Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009

It was a very last minute decision to spend New Year's in Vegas. I thought Daren was a little crazy when he first brought it up. In fact until 5 minutes before we left the house to make the drive we had no place to sleep. It was just a fluke thing that I decided to check our time share one last time to see if anything was open and they had one room so I called. The guy said the people had just cancelled and I lucked out. We were planning on just driving home right after.
It was pretty cool how they closed the street down and all the people but I will say with it being Vegas and all I was a little disappointed. The midnight fireworks would have been cool had the firing spots not been at the end of the strip. We couldn't see them and it would have been nice if speakers were pumping music outside along the street. I was so in the mood to dance but wasn't about to pay the huge charges just to get inside any of the clubs. And I just have to say this one thing. If you feel the need to go to Vegas on a big day leave the kids at home. Really the strip is crowded, not normal crowded I mean in some spots packed. Daren always had a hold of my belt loop or something so we didn't get seperated and just to get through you had to just push through and then suddenly you glance down and you see a kid or even better a stroller. Sorry guys I love my kids to and if you want to spend New Years with them stay home or go somewhere less crowded where everyplace they turn they don't see some drunk fool or have beer spilt on them.

New Year's also has special meaning to us because it was that night 16 years ago that Daren and I meet and had our first kiss at midnight.
And just to give you all fair warning I have decided that next year I am having a New Year's party. So book those sitters now because I will not accept any "I can't make it" or "we already have plans". This is your save the date notice


MrsJJB1999 said...

I'm with you... leave the kids home! Have a great New Year!

Olivia Hernandez said...

LOL I bet you saw the same damn people I did!


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