Thursday, April 9, 2009

Out on her own

My baby girl is now living on her own. She moved out of her dads house last week in an apartment she is renting with another friend. So today I went to go see her new home and make sure it was in a safe area. I driving through Ladera Ranch I was thinking wow this place is really pretty and her apartment complex felt really homey with kids riding around and all. We took a drive to Target and picked up a few odds and ends to help her out.
Ashley in her little kitchen that was pretty stocked already with dishes and such but we picked up a few more boxes of her favorite mac and cheese
Here is Ashley in the Living room laying on her bed. Yes she has been sleeping on the floor in the living room. It's a 1 bedroom and her friend pay more so she gets the room. So Nana bought her an air mattress for now and her dad was suppose to be bringing her a couch tonight. Gotta love being out on your own for the first time sleeping on the floor and being totally happy about it.

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