Monday, April 6, 2009

This is what I'm doing

Many of you know that I have just started a new business. Let me tell you how it happened.
If you have known me long you know that I have done way to many direct selling businesses. 1st it was Tupperware, then it was Discovery Toys and Creative Memories and more recently it was Mona Vie. I was such an easy sell and why I would sign up to sell is crazy because I am not a sells person. The truth was I did it to get the discounts. Who doesn't love Tupperware and want to get it for 30% less. Hello me.
A few months ago Daren came home with a new company he had signed up with. I'm thinking great Mona Vie was you baby also and look how that turned out. I checked it out and kinda watched him for awhile. Used the products and found that I actually liked them. So last week I decided that I would let him sign me up as a distributor also. What did this company have that I didn't find in others was the team work I saw. All the others always told you we are here for you but I never found that to be true. But I have seen how much the more experienced and successful people in the company work with you and help you so you are not doing it alone. Also the products that they have are really really great. I have been using them and trust that they are high quality. I have also felt so much better.
So I am going to try my best to be successful while at the same time not bugging the heck out of my friends. I don't want to become the person that you try to hide from because I'm always trying to sell you something but if I do happen to give you samples please try them and tell me what you think.
Are you wondering what company I'm with. It is called Visalus. It is a total health and wellness company. Browse through my website here. Let me know what you think and hey if you do want to try anything let me know and I will give you some samples.

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ViSalus - ized said...

Welcome to the ViSalus Family! It's awesome to see great people with the foresight to see that this ViSalus opportunity is HUGE!

How close are you to getting your ViSalus BMW?

I love what you said about the support. In fact, this should be proof positive that we do find and support all ViSalus members :)

Best of success to you in all your endeavors with ViSalus!

To Life, Health and Prosperity!



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