Monday, July 13, 2009

From the top

I had debated if I was up for this next adventure. Mountain biking down from the top of Snow Summit. I had no idea that you could even do something so crazy but my lovely son knew this. My first question was how do the bikes get to the top. I have enough problems just riding the hills by our house.

This is how they got up. They got their own ski lift ride. I had to admit that the ride up was great. I was scared at the thought of some of the hills I was going to encounter. Started off really slow and the guys were good and stopped often to wait for me and as I got more comfortable on the bike they didn't have to stop as much but I still used my brakes a lot. Just when I think I can do this they decided to detour onto another trail that was smaller and little did I know at the time more challenging. But I am proud to say I did not fall. Came close a few times and one time I went over a tree root and almost went head first over my handle bars. Lucky for me I was able to save myself.
I am glad I made it and don't have any broken bones.

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