Sunday, August 9, 2009


The first stop during our trip up north was to visit with my grandma. I don't see her as much as I would like so when I got a chance to take the boys for a visit I took it. This is my mom's side of the family and right after my mom passed the relationship I had with them was strained. It was a difficult time for me and I allowed someone to poison my thoughts. It is always hard to believe how some people can be so insecure with themselves that they would set out to ruin other relationships. Thankfully we have healed and I have my grandma back in my life. I want my kids to know and understand why I love her so much. During the trip we also spent some time with my aunt and cousin. Wow has he grown, the last time I saw Bill he was a younger then Hunter
This is a picture of my great grandparents. I think my greatest memory was the cooking that grandma Ruby would do. Oh how I wish I had paid more attention to how she made her pies while growing up. You don't realize how important the things like that are until the person is gone.

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