Monday, August 10, 2009

Hearst Castle

I have always wanted to visit Hearst Castle so I took this trip as a good time to finally see it up close. I set up our time on line thinking we would have plenty of time to get from Monterey to the Castle. Boy was I mistaken! We were doing really good until we stopped for lunch. After that is was a race and the fact that we got behind several cars that took their sweet time looking at the scenery. We got there and the lady at the window said to walk VERY fast to the bus. We made it barely
I was a little nervous that the guys would not enjoy this at all but was pleased to hear that they thought it was great. They are already talking about when we can go on one of the other tours to see another part of the house. How bad would it be if next time one of us accidentally fell in the pool. It just looks so tempting

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Jo said...

i've been there and it's beautiful.


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