Friday, February 6, 2009

Chambord Hip Hostess

Tina and I went to the Hip Hostess Event last night put on by Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur and Jennifer Sbranti, founder of at the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills. This has been our 2nd time we went to this event. The first time it was in San Diego. The drive to get there was so crazy. It was pouring rain and cars were driving so slow with hazard lights flashing and then we hit bumper to bumper traffic. Holy Cow I could not drive that every day.

They had this cool photo booth that we couldn't resist. We loved it so much we did it twice. These were my pictures.

The best part of these events are the drinks. OMG they are so yummy. I had the Chambord French Martini while Tina had the Summer Splash. And then for our second drink we both had the summer splash but I only had about half. I just wanted to taste it so Tina finished it for me. I was the driver.
All the cool decorating party ideas are so fun to look at. Tina and I pretty much analyzed each display looking at how they did them and found that we could copy them fairly cheap. Tina had the ideas flowing so I know that only means one thing. She is ready to throw a party.

Can't wait to find out where the next one will be. We are so there.

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tina said...

ahhhhh...good times... that was fun! I think I can throw an equally deserving party! First time out drinking in FOREVER!!!! After three of those drinks I was feeling fine!! Thanks for being my partner and crime!


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