Saturday, February 14, 2009

For my Valentine

I hope you all have someone special to spend today with. And it can be spent with anyone from that special someone or your kids or even just a good friend. I am lucky that I am able to spend the day with my wonderful husband and my 2 favorite boys.
This year I had instructed Daren that I don't want us to go buy each other gifts. So tonight he is cooking dinner for me, which for my husband is a huge deal because that just never happens so I am going to enjoy such a treat. He also gave me a very nice card. I made a frame for him to take to his office and put on his desk.
Hope you all enjoy your day.

1 comment:

tammy inman said...

I love this super cute picture frame you made for Darin.
I'm going to take your lead and make something cute like that for my scraproom and Jason's office. Thanks for the super cute idea. You should make a class doing something like it!


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