Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hello Again

I know, I know I never seem to keep up with my blog anymore. One of the reason is the darn facebook. I always seem to update on there so if you are not my friend yet you can find me over there.
It was my birthday last week. It is crazy to think that when I was little I thought 36 was so old but it isn't really that bad until I think that I'm only 4 years away from 40. Spent the morning at Disney with my friend Tammy and picked up my annual pass. I was so excited, what is it about Disneyland that can make a person just so happy. Had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants Gyu Kuka.

Saturday night went to a Piano bar for my friend Lisa's birthday and had a blast. Yes because it was so close to my birthday also I didn't escape the embarrassment having to go on stage, thankfully I had a little liquid courage and was up for it.

A big event was I cut my hair. I don't have a good picture yet but when I take one I will show you. I am loving it, it's flowy and an little flirty. Once I got home and played with it all my worry about what I did went away. If you know me you know how I can not stand my hair and had finally gotten to a place that I was ok with it. We will see if I'm still happy once I wash it and then have to straighten it all the time because it is to short for my don't-know-what-to-do-ponytail.


Olivia Hernandez said...

Glad you enjoyed your bday! You cute your hair? How short?

Anonymous said...

Oh HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Hun!!! I'm sorry I forgot your birthday. Looks like you had a blast. :)

When are we getting together??

tammy inman said...

Love your super cute pic in front of the castle at Disney! Had a fun time with you for your birthday.
I'm glad i was able to be apart of your special day!!!


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