Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Character breakfast at Disneyland

When we first bought our passes this year I told my boys that one morning we will splurge a little and go to the breakfast with Minnie and Friends. Oh how I wish we had done this a long time ago. To think all the years we had stood in line and rushed through pictures because there were 20 other little kids waiting to see them. We had so much fun. The characters interact with the kids and will even drag the parents into the fun. We had Captain Hook try to pop balloons and use the boys head to sign their books. The Fairy Godmother talk to the boys about how brave they are to go on Space Mountain. Chip and Dale messing up hair and making us laugh because they were booing the other.
If you have kids of any age this is something that they will enjoy. And to top it off the breakfast was all you can eat and actually really good. So good that I did smuggle a few muffins out for snacks later that day (But SHHHHH don't tell anyone)
And during this time I learned how to tell Chip and Dale apart. So now I'm gonna really test your Disney knowledge. Which one is Chip and which one is Dale????

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