Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall is in the air

It is fall!!! Well about as fall as it will get when you are in So.Cal. The weather last week had us walking around in shorts and flip flops and wishing we had a pool to jump into. The weekend showed some signs of cooling off and today was actually a light sweater day. But to truely get a feeling of fall you need to hope in your car and drive to this little town in the hills called Oak Glen. A little piece of heaven but I guess the secret about it is out because it seemed like everyone and their mother's were there also. But if you pick just the right farm the crowds aren't that bad and then when you look around at all the cuteness you completely forget anyone else is around. This trip we were joined by my friend Tammy and her boys. It is so nice when your friends have kids the same age as yours and they actually get along and aren't just faking it. The goal for this trip was to pick apples but with all the crowds any pick-able apple was gone. So instead we headed to one of the many farm stores and bought them. Either way the apple pie I made the next day turned out so yummy. There really is nothing better then the smell of apple pie baking in the oven.

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tammy inman said...

We had lot's of fun with you guys! Thank you for thinking of us and inviting us out for a day of fun and for joining us for some late night fun at the Pumpkin patch.


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