Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My inspiration

I am a total blog hopper and love to read about others through their blog or website.  I am gonna share a few places I stop at daily and let you know why.
tammy i  I am very lucky to count her as one of my very good friends and holder of many of my secrets.  She is so very talented in so many ways.  It is not uncommon for me to walk away from her and think I need to organize something.
brave girls club  I love to read the daily truths that get sent daily and many days I will read about their brave girls camp and hope that one day I can be a part of it.  I know that when I do go it will be life changing
Melody Ross You just need to read her blog to see why she inspires me.
HWTM   If you are gonna throw a party this is the place to go.  I wish I could take full credit for all my ideas but I can't.  I will say that I do tweek them a little

There really are so many more places I visit that I may spill on another day.  Have fun

1 comment:

tammy inman said...

your so sweet, thank u Michelle, your the best! :)
I'm always waking away with great ideas from you and I'm lucky to have such a sweet and great friend like you too, your the best! :)

Thank u,


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