Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 3 of my self portrait

First let me start this by saying you are all so sweet. The response I got in comments and emails was fun to read. This whole challenge I put on myself is really just that a challenge for me. As soon as I posted what I was going to do I wanted to undo what I had just said. I am not brave at all, this is so outside my comfort zone that I am amazing myself. I am a quite person when you first meet me that some people sometimes mistake for me just being a snob. But I really am not. And it is something that I am really working at overcoming and have had a lot of success. You should have seen how I was years ago. Really when I look at myself 15-20 years ago to who I am today I see a different person. But I do still have a long way to go.

Update on yesterday's missed call. No they never did call back and yes I did try to call back. I talked to a very nice girl at Harpo and she said that unless they left an message for me or I had a name she couldn't really help me but if the number comes up on my caller Id again to be sure and answer it. Well "DUH" of coarse I'm going to answer it. My family has been instructed that if they are on the phone and call waiting goes through with the number they are to answer it. I think I will make this an exception in my call waiting pet peeve. Yes call waiting bugs me. If I'm on the phone I will usually ignore it unless I see it is from the school or the kids or hubby if I know he is driving somewhere. All other calls can leave a message if they want me to call back. And it bugs me that my husband is one of the worst offenders of putting me on hold or rushing to get me off the phone because he has someone on hold or another call is coming through. Just let me leave you a message and call me back. That is one of the main reasons I don't bother calling him half the time.
Oh and to the many questions about what my email to Dr Berman was about. She is a sex therapist so yeah it had to do with that. Daren read my blog probably for the first time and said so you are broadcasting our sex life in an email. No it wasn't really about our sex life. The topic was mainly about my crazy hormones and how it has affected me. So yes technically maybe it was about our sex life because my hormones do affect if he is getting any that day or not.


Anonymous said...

Let me know about the hormones... I'd like to know :)


gomillion and one... said...

You are too funny sometime Michelle! One of the things I love about you though. Since you mentioned it, sorry I thought you were a snob when I met you. teehee I love you now though.

The Lavender Loft ... said...

I can relate I can be that way and really try hard not to be. I am a lot better than I use to be too. I use to get that too so I understand. Great pictures good for you.



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