Thursday, May 28, 2009

I can't believe I missed the call

I have spent the morning trying to get something done. I don't know how many times I have walked into my scrap room and then walked right back out. I have been distracted all morning ever since I looked through my caller id. Got out of the shower with grand ideas for the day. Do a little cleaning and then let some creative juices out. I picked up my phone and was going to clean out the caller id numbers when the first number that pops up is from Harpo Inc. I only know of one Harpo so right away did a reverse number look up and sure enough all the names that came up under that number were from Oprah. What do I do call the number back with no idea who to ask for or wait and hope thy call back? Wait why did they call in the first place? I remember a few months back while listening to Oprah radio and hearing the sex therapist Dr Berman talk about something that kinda hit close to home but didn't quite cover what I have been going through. I decided what the heck the first email I ever write and it's about my sex life. Maybe they will go through the huge pile of numbers they probably have in front of them and I will get another call one day. But for now I will always think of my missed call from Oprah ( yeah it wasn't from her but close enough)


gomillion and one... said...

If they really wanted to talk to you, I'm sure they will call back. Keep your phone near by tho. :)

tammy inman said...

The Oprah thing is still on my mind... I've been waiting for my phone to ring all day and from not Oprah, but to hear you say "they called back and I answered this time!" No. luck! LOL :)

Love the pic and your super cute scraproom in the back ground. u look like you got some sun! :)

Riley and family said...

Oh my gosh Michelle! I would call back for sure!! That is exciting, I say call them back, what the hell you only live once:) Keep us updated!!


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