Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This is me

I took out my camera to take some pictures of the boys playing but instead I plopped down in the grass and turned the camera on me. Wow the camera caught it all. Where did those wrinkles come from? Maybe I should start looking into Botox....... um no. I will say that I am my own worst critic, I think it is a woman thing being able to find the tiniest flaw that someone else may not even notice. So I am going to challenge myself this week and take a self portrait every day... The good and the bad days. I will post a picture every day and maybe in the process give you a glimpse at a little part of me that maybe you didn't know.

This is what happens when you lay in the grass with a dog nearby. Thankfully he was only sniffing around and didn't decide to give me a big wet kiss.


tammy inman said...

OMG u r so brave! I could never post pictures of the good and BAD days.... crazy!!! Well, just the good and o.k. day, but definitely not the BAD! Lol :)

Anonymous said...

what a great idea!!! And very brave :)

gomillion and one... said...

You are my hero. I've become more and more comfortable with myself lately, maybe I'll do the same thing with a twist. Thank for the idea!


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