Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From the beginning

I would have never considered that I needed to lose a few lbs.  I never though of myself as thick.  Sure I had a muffin top that I learned how to hide but after 3 kids that is totally normal, right!!!
What woman doesn't walk past a store window and do the roll check? 
And I did exercise on a regular basis.  I took a kickboxing class 5 mornings a week for almost 2 years and had started to get into Zumba and Spinning,  I ran a 1/2 marathon ( OK, I did more walking then actual running).  Lots and lots of Cardio.
And then I just stopped everything......
What made me stop.... A little of this and a little of that.  I never saw a change, why am I busting my butt to see the exact same number on the scale.  The pressure.....being married to a fitness crazy guy can sometimes get a little overwhelming.  But, I think my biggest downfall was that I was in a complete and total funk and I had to find a way to dig myself out of it.


My eyes opened when one of my best friends got married.  I had ordered my bridesmaid dress over the phone thinking that it may need to be taken in a little but it should fit.  Wow....was I surprised,  it zipped tight and then I saw the pictures.  Nothing was hidden and the worst part was the Spanx I brought with me never made it on because I felt like they were cutting off circulation.  No...Seriously I couldn't breathe.
After that was when I decided that I need to do one of two things.  Either accept and continue to make excuses or I can really get serious and make changes.  But, if I was to really do it I had to do it for ME!!!!  Not because my husband was leaving not so subtle hints but, for ME.  So I made a game plan and told no one.
If this plan didn't work then I didn't know what would!

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