Saturday, September 13, 2008

My music

I have had a few questions about some of the music you have heard on the blog. Why did I choose certain songs, I didn't think you liked so and so. So let me explain. I like to think that my music taste is pretty open. I like almost everything except maybe gangster rap and headbanger metal. My teen years I spent my summers working in a record store in Hollywood. Yeah really cool job, lots of the other people that worked their were struggling musicians. That is where my love for bands like Depeche Mode came to be. Before then I was pretty much a old school and pop girl. I still love to listen to everything I loved back then. So that is where the Depeche Mode and Berlin came from (although I think I took some off recently)
The Country music you can thank my good friend Tina. It all started with her bringing in a Tim McGraw CD into our store and playing it over and over again. It grew on me and now I even have a country station preset on my XM radio.
Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood should belong in the country category also but they are kinda crossover girls. I just really like them.
Colbie Calliet I found while ready someones myspace before she was popular and I liked the song I heard. Went out and bought her CD and loved how it sounded different.
Jason Mraz just has a really cool sound.
The broadway music, I love Wicked and the Popular song just makes me happy. Wasn't a huge fan of Rent but I love that song from it.
I can't think of what else I have, I just go and add songs when I think of ones I like and delete them when I'm not in the mood to hear them anymore. But in a nutshell that is where they came from. And I have been told that a few of my readers just leave my blog on after reading my post just to listen to the music. I love that!!!

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