Monday, November 10, 2008

Carrie Underwood Concert

Last night we took the boys to see Carrie Underwood. They just built a new arena close to us and she happen to be the first to perform in concert. The boys had fun but towards the end Hunter looked like he was ready to crash. That is one thing about my boys, when they are tired it doesn't matter what is going on around them they will sleep. I couldn't allow that so I pulled Hunter up and started dancing around with him. She totally deserved to win American Idol she is so talented. I had a few goose bump moments and all my boys have a little crush on her. Yes I said all of them even Daren. I also really liked her opening act Little Big Town. But the Bon Jovi concert still holds the number one spot for the year.


Jojo said...

how fun. i love carrie underwood also!

Ashley said...

wait the kids got to go? :/


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