Saturday, November 22, 2008


You all know that I love twilight. I am reading the last book and hope to finish it by this weekend. I have closed my ears to any talk about what happens so the way the story has gone has really surprised me. I should have seen them coming but I didn't.
We got to the theater an hour before the movie started. Found pretty good seats among a sea of teenagers screaming "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" I got a little worried but the screaming stopped and only a few times it resumed. I really enjoyed the movie. It followed the book almost exactly( notice I said almost). I think the big thing you need to remember going in is that it didn't have a huge budget so if you are expecting something like Harry Potter you will be disappointed. My boys LOVED it. We walked out with them both saying I gotta read the books that was so good. Hello I had been trying to get you to pick up the book for a few weeks now. So they got home an started reading. There is really nothing better then seeing kids excited to read and that is what this series has done so congrats to Stephanie Meyer for giving that to our kids.


tammy inman said...

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the movie and that the boys are now picking up the books. That's always great!

Jojo said...

I can't wait to watch the movie. That's good to hear that you got decent seats and that the teeny boppers kept somewhat quiet.

Olivia Hernandez said...

That's awesome they are reading it!!! I'm reading the little piece of the 5th book that leaked online, it's Twilight from Edwards point of view, I like it. Can't wait to see the movie!!


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