Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sandra Tagged Me

I've been tagged... by Sandra! OK, you need to post the 4th picture in the 4th folder of your picture files( or if your a MAC owner like me the forth album in IPhoto). I was tagged by Sandra to post & tell about it, then tag 4 more friends to do the same. Here is my picture

This is from our trip in 2007 to Washington DC. We had just parked the car and getting ready for the miles and miles of walking we were about to do, little did we know that halfway through we would be stuck in a rain storm out of nowhere.

I am now tagging Tammy , Olivia, Cherish and Priscilla


tammy inman said...

Cute idea... I'll look mine up and post!

Olivia Hernandez said...

I just saw this! I'll put mine up tomorrow, hope its not a naughty picture LOL...


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